CoolSpeak Live

a cool, uniquely live streaming experience.

Dynamic SpeakersCoolSpeak has a collection of the best youth speakers in America to your school, spreading positive dynamic messages on a variety of youth relevant topics.
Engaging ExperienceCoolSpeak Live will leverage cutting edge video technology and high end production to create a cool, uniquely live streaming experience for students, parents and educators.
AffordableIn the spirit of providing access and in response to the current budgetary constraints many schools are facing, CoolSpeak Live brings some of the best youth motivational speakers in the nation to your school at a fraction of the price.
Easy to Set UpCoolSpeak Live is designed to be a turn key service, with minimal set up and a hassle-free experience.

Great ServiceCoolSpeak Live inherits CoolSpeak’s renowned customer service approach to providing services to students, parents and educators.

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About CoolSpeak

The Company & The Vision
CoolSpeak was founded in 2009 and is the leading full service youth engagement organization delivering unique programs and events to keep students inspired, parents involved and teachers engaged. The CoolSpeak engagement platform offers specifically tailored experiences that allow educational institutions, non-profit organizations and Fortune 1000 businesses to foster educational agendas and support proactive youth outreach. CoolSpeak allows for the cultivation of stronger and more meaningful connections that empowers our audiences to become catalysts’ for positive change, intrinsic motivation, personal growth and self-sustaining inspiration.

We put the motivation back into education. This is our purpose.

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CoolSpeak Live

a cool, uniquely live streaming experience.

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